Hajj Hasan: politicians don’t care about industry | Association of Lebanese Industrialists 

Hajj Hasan: politicians don’t care about industry

Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan said politicians are not giving any attention to the industrial sector. Speaking during a conference organized by the Industrial Association, the minister even accused the political class of deliberately neglecting the industry in Lebanon.

"We never had one serious discussion in the Cabinet on activating the economy and helping the struggling industry in the country. It seems that the political class does not want Lebanon to become an industrial country," he argued.

Hajj Hasan stressed that all Cabinets since 2005 talked about the need to lower the public debt and reduce trade deficit but in reality these words were never translated into real action.

For his part, the head of the Industrial Association Fadi Gemayel said the industrial sector was able to survive all the problems in the country without the help of the government. He added that Lebanese are very innovative and creative and have succeeded abroad.

Gemayel said that Lebanese industrialists did not take their businesses outside Lebanon despite many temptations and offers. He called on the government and business community to launch an economic and social workshop as soon as possible.

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